Friday, 3 September 2010

Visa Information

Visa Information Open Work Authorisation Visa
How long is the visa valid for? 12 Months from the date of entry to Canada
Which nationalities can apply? British passport holder
How long can I work for? Up to 12 months (for 1 or more employer)
Does the visa allow multiple entries? Yes
Where can I work? Take seasonal jobs anywhere in Canada or you can organise career related work.
Do I have to pre-arrange my job? ** No
Age 18-30 (inclusive) at time of visa application
Over 30 years old?
Work New Zealand Essentials offers an exclusive IEP Work Exchange Visa, allowing anyone aged 18-35 to work and travel New Zealand for up to 12 months.
Do I have to be residing in the UK at time of visa application? No, but the Canadian High Commission reserve the right to call you to London for an interview or request additional information if required. Applicants should be habitual residents of the the UK since age 18 and not have spent more than 3 cumulative years abroad since age 18.
What support funds do I need? £550 minimum on entry to Canada
I have a child can I go to Canada? No, you would not be eligible as applicants who have dependents are not eligible for this visa.
Can I bring my partner? Restrictions apply – If your partner is not also applying please contact BUNAC
How much does this visa cost? £100/CAD$150
Is there anything else that will help me decide? This flexible visa is only available through BUNAC
How many visas can I have in my lifetime? You may participate repeatedly on the student programme for as long as you are eligible. You can only participate on the non-student programme once.
I'm in Canada at present working can I apply? If you have a current work permit for Canada then you cannot submit a visa application through BUNAC's Work Canada programme until your current permit has ended, if this will be after 30th September 2010 then you cannot apply.

Working holidays in Canada

Seasonal jobs in Canada

Through Work Canada you can find all kinds of seasonal jobs throughout summer & winter, outdoor jobs, tourism jobs, ski jobs, resort jobs or more career related working positions anywhere in Canada. View details about some of the areas and resorts in Canada that offer seaonal working holiday job opportunities.
Working holidays present you with a wealth of opportunities to really improve your future job application prospects, impressing potential companies with your seasonal jobs experience that improve your team working skills, group leadership skills and demonstrate how adaptable your are to new working environments. Work Canada offers the perfect environment to really make the most of your working holiday experiences, whether your decide to visit the mountain regions, major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or any of the other amazing locations Canada has to offer.

WOOP New laptop screen

Finally after about a year with a broken laptop screen i have got round to buying a new one and getting my laptop up and running again :)

Working in Canada 2011

So i've decided to do the BUNAC work Canada 2011 scheme, All is going well at the moment just need to save up the cash and wait to december until the scheme starts :)